Portland/Vancouver Metropolitan Area Tree Removal and Replanting Permit Information

When it comes to tree management on your property, it is important to understand the requirements set forth by the municipality under which your property is regulated. Individual cities and counties each have their own set of regulations for tree removal (tree removal permits), pruning (street tree pruning permits), and (re)planting. Larger cities tend to have more robust regulations where smaller cities and counties tend to have less, or no, regulations.

The following is a list of cities around the Portland/Vancouver Metropolitan Area with a brief description and links to related information (if applicable).  In general, unincorporated and county properties are not subject to regulations regarding trees and are not listed below. 


Tree City USA program provides national recognition for urban and community forestry projects across the country.

To achieve Tree City USA status, a city must meet four core standards established by the National Arbor Day Foundation, including hosting an annual Arbor Day Observance and Proclamation. Cities that have established Tree City USA status are identified below.


Beaverton (Tree City USA since 1994)

Tree removal permits are required for street trees only. Trees outside the ROW on private property do not require permits for removal. Regulations apply to apartments, commercial property, and single-family homes. For more information on maintaining tree within the City of Beaverton visit their Urban Forestry page.

Information brochure: https://www.beavertonoregon.gov/DocumentCenter/View/1176/Tree-Removal-Brochure

Gresham (Tree City USA since 2008)

Tree removal permits are required for trees over 8" DBH (Diameter at Breast Height) or 4.5' from the ground. Gresham has 3 tree removal permit types. Type I and Type III permits do not require a fee. Details on Gresham tree removal permits can be found on their website: Gresham Tree Regulations and Information

Happy Valley (Tree City USA since 2004)

Happy Valley offer two different tree removal permits: Type A Permits ($50) for residential property and Type B Permits ($75) for commercial property. Regulation apply to trees 6" DBH. For more information, see the cities Tree Cutting Ordinance web page.

Hillsboro (Tree City USA since 2018)

The City of Hillsboro regulates trees within the right of way (street trees) only. No regulations are in place for trees on private property. Both tree removal and tree pruning require a permit for regulated trees. You can find more information on the city's Tree Care Permit Application.

Lake Oswego (Tree City USA since 1989)

Lake Oswego has a very comprehensive tree care and maintenance program as outlined in Chapter 55 of the City Code.  More user friendly information is available on their Tree Code page with links to application, FAQs, care and maintenance articles, and contact information.

Milwaukie (Tree City USA since 2016)

Trees in the public right of way at regulated through Municipal Code Chapter 16.32 - Tree Cutting. Removal and major pruning of public trees is regulated through the the Engineering Department on a right-of-way permit application.


Street trees are regulated in the city of Newberg. Trees on private property are not and do not require a permit for removal, with the exception of trees that are within stream corridor overlay zones. For commercial property (including multi-family and institutional properties), trees that are included in design review of the property are protected. Permission is required from the Planning Department for removal. For more information and to download an application, see their Do I need a permit to remove or prune a street tree page.

Oregon City (Tree City USA since 2012)

Trees on private, residential single family lots generally do not require a permit for removal with some exceptions. Trees on non-residential zoned property and street trees require a permit for removal. For more information and links to additional documentation please see the city's planning page regarding tree removal permits.

Portland (Tree City USA since 1977)

All trees within the city limits that are 12" DBH or greater require a permit for removal. Street trees require a permit for pruning as well. To maintain its tree canopy, the City of Portland requires replanting for all tree removals, including invasive species. Click the following links for more detailed information:

General Tree Permit Info: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/trees/65368

Removal and Replanting Info: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/trees/65395

Application: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/trees/article/516256

Instructions: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/trees/article/621451

Emergency Removals: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/trees/article/497516

Sherwood (Tree City USA since 2005)

City code Chapters 16.142.060 - 16.142.080 outline regulations regarding tree within the City of Sherwood. In general, trees on single-family property do not require a permit for removal but are limited to 5 trees in a calendar year. Street trees are regulated under the city code. For more detailed information and links to applicable documentation please see the city's Tree Removal page.

Tigard (Tree City USA since 2001)

Trees are regulated under Tigard's Urban Forestry Master Plan. In general, tree removal does not require a permit on residential property. However, street trees, median trees, sensitive lands trees, urban forestry fund trees, heritage trees, or development-required trees do require a permit. For more detailed information and links to applications, see the city's Urban Forestry site.

Troutdale (Tree City USA since 2000)

Street trees require permits for pruning and removal. Trees on private property do not require a permit. See the city's Street Tree Permit page for more information or download and application.

Tualatin (Tree City USA since 1987)

Cited from the city's website: "Removal of trees, eight inches or greater measured at 4 feet from grade, on private property in Tualatin is regulated by Chapter 33 of the Tualatin Development Code. Tree removal may require approval before, cutting, limbing or removal can occur. Street trees (trees along a public street) is regulated by the Tualatin Parks and Recreation Department (for more information call 503-691-3061)." More information can be found in their tree removal application packet.

West Linn (Tree City USA since 1993)

A tree removal permit is required under city ordinance for all trees within West Linn. Oregon White Oak, Pacific Madrone, and Pacific Dogwood trees over 6" DBH and any other species of tree over 12" DBH fall under these requirements.  See Tree Removal Permit page for more information or download a permit.

Wilsonville (Tree City USA since 1998)

Any tree within the city limits with 6" DBH or greater requires a permit for removal. Please see the city's Tree FAQs page for comprehensive information on city trees or download an information and application packet.


Vancouver (Tree City USA since 1989)

Tree removal, major pruning, and replanting are regulated by the city. However, there are differing requirement for street and private trees. Please see the Tree Permit page for detailed information.  The city has also put together a "Do I Need a Permit" worksheet for determining permit requirements. Downloadable forms are available for the following: Street Tree Permit, Private Tree Removal Permit.