HOA Tree Service

Owning a home, townhouse or condominium is a large, long term investment and landscape trees play an important role in your properties value and curb appeal. A mature tree can have an appraised value of between $1,000 and $10,000 according to The Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers.

Keeping trees within your Homeowners Association safe and healthy is important to reduce liability, increase livability and create a more desirable neighborhood to live in.

We understand the needs of home owners associations and offer a budget friendly tree care plan to address the tree needs of your home owners association. Our program begins with an on-site visit by one of our HOA consultants to identify any immediate concerns (dead, dying trees, broken limbs which could pose hazards, tree roots damaging sidewalks) followed by an itemized recap of issues with priorities. Our tree care findings can then be matched to your HOA tree budget and broken into annual phases. We even offer a 12-month payment plan when needed to allow a larger amount of work to be completed in a short period of time, while remaining affordable.

While most HOA’s have a landscape company care for HOA common areas, landscape companies handle plants, shrubs and turf but are rarely trained in the study of trees, known as Arboriculture. Trees can pose risks when not property maintained. Dead wood in tree canopy’s can fall and injure people or property. Whole trees can blow over in wind, snow and ice storms causing property damage and injury. Much of these risks can be minimized by the careful trained eye of an ISA Certified Arborist. When it comes to trees, know the difference and call an expert. We have 14-ISA Certified Arborists on staff. Call today!


Tree Pruning

Keep your trees looking great and help them live long healthy lives with routine maintenance tree pruning.

Tree Removal
When the time comes, we can help with tree removal and replacement on your property.
Tree Health Care
Keep your trees healthy and protect them from disease and pests.
Tree Inventories
Tree Inventory Software to help cities, communities, and businesses manage large numbers of trees in their jurisdiction.
Tree Consulting
Not sure where to start or what to do? No problem, our tree consulting services will help you get the job done.
Emergency/Storm Damage
24/7. We are here to assist with emergency tree work and post storm damage.


We are a full service, locally owned and operated, Nationally Accredited tree care company. We serve the greater Portland, Vancouver and Salem areas. We provide quality, professional tree care services including tree & shrub trimming, pruning and removals. We offer stump grinding services, as well as tree and shrub insect and disease treatments. Our GOAL is to set the bar in the professional tree care industry by focusing on quality of work, safety in a high-risk industry and to provide the highest level of service possible. We are committed to the tree care industry and Helping the Northwest One Tree at a Time.


We love our clients and pride ourselves in who we work with. Here are just a few of our recognized commercial clientele.