Wood Removal


Wood from tree removals

We chip as much woody debris from tree removals as possible, however, the main stem of the tree may be larger than what can be fed through our wood chippers.  Our tree crews will typically cut the main tree stem into 14″ – 16″ length rounds and leave the wood on site.  (see photo below)  We encourage our customers who have wood burning fireplaces, woodstoves and fire-pits to retain the wood for these or other uses.  For our customers who do not have a use for the wood, Northwest Tree Specialists can arrange for the wood to be removed.  Hauling wood requires time and equipment.  Wood waste facilities that accept wood for recycling and disposal charge a fee based on weight and quantity.  For these reasons, additional costs apply to haul wood.

Wood overview

Disclaimer:   For the safety of our crew members, limitations of our machinery, or access restrictions, occasionally wood removal services are not available by Northwest Tree Specialists.