Why Your Landscape Needs Our 100% Organic Compost Tea


Healthy soil is the foundation for a thriving landscape.  Healthy soil functions as a living ecosystem made up of organisms that improve tree and shrub vitality.  Without healthy soil, plants and trees cannot root properly, leaving them incapable of developing to their full potential and leaving them susceptible to insects & diseases.

In our landscapes, construction, soil compaction, changes in drainage, and use of fertilizers and pesticides have depleted soil, leaving it lacking in healthy micro-organisms and organic matter.  Our compost tea contains micorrhizae which are beneficial fungi and an important component of soil life.  Compost Tea can help return your soil to a healthy, nutrient rich environment for your trees and shrubs to thrive in.

How it works:  

• Our compost tea is a 100% organic, perfectly safe liquid, brewed from composted materials by our in-house plant health care department

•  The liquid “tea” is then extracted and applied by our plant health care technician to trees and shrubs to rebuild and strengthen the root system, improving health & vitality

• Our compost tea puts biology back into the soil, correcting PH which can improve soil drainage and lessen soil compaction


Benefits:  Compost Tea helps your soil, which in turn helps your trees, shrubs and landscape beds flourish, thrive, and resist insects and disease.  Call today to schedule your compost tea application!