Sustainable Business Practices

Northwest Tree Specialists takes a proactive role in environmentally friendly business practices

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to positively impact our community and our environment.

Compost• Debris from tree pruning and removals (wood chips) are recycled
• Wood from tree removals is donated or recycled at local mills
• We look for environmentally safe products for use in controlling insects and diseases on trees & shrubs
• We brew our own 100% organic Compost Tea in-house which is environmentally safe and friendly to pets
• Vehicle and equipment purchases are made with fuel efficiency, high occupancy, efficiency and functionality at the forefront
• We operate electronically as much as possible, including electronic proposals, invoicing, scheduling and communication
• We participate in recycling paper, packaging materials and plastic whenever possible

NorthwestTree Specialists is proud to be a contributing member of our local community

We have donated time and materials to many local organizations including but not limited to: