Rescue Your Birch Tree From Bronze Birch Borer

Bronze birch borer is an insect that attacks various species of birch trees.  Birch trees can be identified by their white bark.  Larvae cause damage by feeding on the inner bark and growth layer, disrupting nutrient supply.  Branches and tips die back and eventually, if not treated, trees usually fail.  Over the past few years, bronze birch borer has been very prevalent.  We see significant infestation and tree damage throughout the Northwest.


If you have one or more birch trees in your landscape, it is more a matter of when, not if your birch trees will become infested with the bronze birch borer.  The chart below illustrates the degrees of damage to birch trees cause by bronze birch borer insects.  If caught early (Class 1-3) treatment options offered by NW Tree Specialists can usually reverse the decline, helping trees to recover.  Once 40% or more of the crown is damaged (Class 4 or 5) the tree will likely die and will need to be removed.


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