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Services We Offer

• Tree Pruning
Tree Removal
Stump Grinding
• Cabling & Bracing
• Tree Inventories
Wood Removal
• Hazardous Tree Risk Assessments
Insect & Disease diagnosis & management
Compost Tea
Video of NW Tree removing a tree

NEW timelapse video of huge, complex tree removal by Northwest Tree Specialists in July 2014

Northwest Tree Specialists was selected to handle a very complex removal of a huge tree. Timelapsed video shows the complete, 2-day tree removal process. While we were sorry to see the beautiful tree in need of removal, we were glad to have had the opportunity to display the skills of our talented tree crews and were thrilled that the client selected us as the most qualified company for the job.

Tree Health Care Services

Our Tree Health Care Department specializes in identification and treatment of most insect and disease problems your trees may be experiencing.
Our strategy is proactive with an emphasis on the health of the trees rather than a reactive response to symptoms of problems. We offer no-cost consultations to identify any tree health care concerns. When a pest or disease has been identified, our strategy for management of tree problems include cultural, biological and, when necessary, chemical treatment options. Often we will recommend a combination of these strategies to obtain the most thorough, long lasting results. We use environmentally friendly products whenever possible including our own 100% organic Compost Tea brewed in-house.

We Offer No-Cost Consultations

to determine your tree care needs and design these to fit within your budget.
Our services range from routine pruning for health, safety & aesthetic purposes, to more specialized pruning designed to target specific needs such as increased fruit production for fruit bearing trees or crown reduction when trees are growing into power lines or blocking views. Other services include tree removals, stump grinding and specialized tree health care to target insect and disease concerns.