Employment Opportunities

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Employment Opportunities

Welcome! If you are looking for work in the field of Arboriculture, you may be wondering what kind of company we are.

To describe the kind of company we ARE might best be described by telling you the kind of company we are NOT.
• We haven't been around for 100 years
• We are not a huge nationwide corporation
• We are not a guy with a truck and a friend looking for a dude, paying wages "under the table"
• We aren't in the tree care industry to make a quick buck
• We don't spike trees unless they are being removed
• We don't say one thing and do another
• We aren't old school and stuck in our ways
• We don't hope that some work will come in for the crews to work tomorrow

So, who ARE we?

• We opened our doors 14-years ago, building the business from scratch, one customer at a time and became the company we are today by doing the right thing
• We are a family business, locally owned and operated, just like it was 14-years ago, only larger and with more systems
• We are 48-skilled and talented individuals who like each other and who have come together to form one great machine of a tree service
• We know it is our customers and all of us working together that are the reasons we are in business and still growing
• Our name and logo is on everything. We've had the same business name and CCB # for 14-years. We aren't hiding from anyone. We want our customers and good people to find us!
• We believe in Arboriculture, are Nationally Accredited and our staff is certified through ISA.
• We spend a lot of money on good, safe and state of the art equipment and gear
• We spend a lot of time & money on training and education
• We do what we say or we don't say it. We don't say it if we don't mean it
• We are booked out. We have a backlog and we have full time work year-round
• We pay well, have great benefits (medical, 401K, PTO) and low turn-over.

If you are looking to build a career in the tree care industry and want a company that will grow with you, please contact us. Experience in the landscaping, nursery or forestry industry is helpful.

Positions range from ground operations and tree climbing to consulting and accounting management.

Medical, dental, 401K and vacation pay offered.

E-mail resume's/inquiries to: office@nwtreespecialists.com.
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