Do-It-Yourself? (Consider Should vs. Could)

It’s the week-end and you are out in the yard tending to a few things when you notice a large branch hanging over the gutter above the back deck.  This isn’t just any gutter, it’s the gutter that clogs from fallen leaves and over-flows with water every winter.  You are reminded of how many times you’ve dealt with the matter and get a great idea to solve the problem once and for all by removing the branch.  It seems like an easy enough job for a do-it-yourselfer like you.  After all, you have a ladder and a hand-saw…how hard can it be?  Sure the branch is 14’ off the ground but you aren’t concerned, heights don’t bother you much.


Tree work involves inherent risks to you, the tree, and to nearby structures.  Before attempting tree work yourself, consider if you should vs. could.  While you may be able to successfully remove a tree branch over a gutter, the cost to repair damages to a gutter, window or siding may easily exceed the cost to hire a professional for your tree work.  Damage caused to the tree from improper pruning cuts, such as flush cuts (cutting too close to the trunk) or stub cuts (leaving too much wood at the cut site), can cause misdirected new growth, may create a structural weight imbalance and certainly creates an opportunity for disease and insects to harm the tree.  Most important, consider the life threatening risks which could result from falling, coming in contact with electric wires, or power equipment accidents.

Rather than handling risky do-it-yourself projects, relax and call on us when it comes to your tree care needs.  From pruning to removals, stump grinding to insect and disease management, we’re only a phone call away.  503.645.2242